Palamedees Afghan Hounds
Alan Brooks

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Alan Brooks

I was asked by Jillian Knight-Messenger to attend in order to take the photographs of this event held at Jenny Doves pub, The Swan.

Here is a comprehensive record of those who attended. I hope the attendees and hosts enjoy the shots.

Also for the 'newbies' to our Breed there are some of the old guard in these shots who bred and owned 'Legends of our breed'. Others just knew Alan.

I have memories of Alan coming to the Wimbledon house, he and my Mother Sylvia got on fine, I have to say he was on his best behaviour with her !!! We went to his house, out to dinner with him in his manor and I went with Jill & others to Indian dinners…there are always naughty memories where Alan is concerned I will keep mine to myself.

An amazing character and hugely important part of the history of our Breed, The Afghan Hound.

Here is the photo album of the event at Jenny's Pub, just take a look at the gallery. There is also a FaceBook album where you can leave comments.

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