Palamedees Afghan Hounds
John Nichols
From Left to Right: John with ‘Harji’ 1976. Stewarding at AHACH 2010 for Norma.

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John Nicholls

I was saddened to hear that poor John had died alone at home.

Found by a neighbour in early January 2011. He would definitely not want to dwell.

Laterly, John had been very involved in stewarding for Afghans and many other breeds. Dedicated to his task, sometimes in a good humored way complained to me at missing certain football matches in order to carry this out.

BAHC Committee member for for some time and Championship Judge in Afghans.

Quite a character, sometimes spoke his mind, liked by most but never ignored.

Coming into Afghans many years ago showing his B/S male SolricoHussein ‘Harji’. Horningsea, Khanabad, and Bletchingly breeding.

He had a strong involvement with Montravia handling & driving, around the ‘Hitari’ & as he put it ‘The Dutch Man’ era.

He was fun and made Mum & I laugh back as far as the early 1970’s at Hanwell Hall shows.

John had handled one of my breeding for Kate Lancaster Ch Palamedees Anishka of Desertwind to a CC.

Ready with a joke & a kiss, I for one will miss him very much.

John's last judging appointment was at SWKA Ch 2010. Just look at the gallery.

An overview of some of John's Stewarding and Judging.

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